Artists Statement

Artis’t statement

In my art, I frequently deal with the themes of nature and human-constructed environment. I aim to give the viewer a strong sense of materiality through the spaces and atmospheres I create. Another important aspect in my work is movement, which can be created both in the viewer (in her mind and through her physical movement in space) and in the work of art itself. Light and the use of lighting are an essential part of the visual look and subject matter of my art. One could say that my works are kinds of sets or stages for the viewer to step in, stay between, or to remain in front of.

My works of art are places where playing translates into being. I’m interested in the ways in which a human being relates with her surroundings: physically sensing it, and, on the other hand, analytically experiencing it and thinking of it. My art researches how these two ways of experiencing define our existence in the world.

In my works, I often contemplate the relationship and overlap between the human-created environment and the so-called “wild nature”, by which I mean natural environment as well as human mind and (fearful) imagination. On the one hand, I’m fascinated by the contrast that these two opposites create, and, on the other hand, by the points in which they intertwine. Combined with an appeal to the unfamiliar and to mythical horror, fear creates stories where subconscious and dream-like experiences heighten to a level in which reality can be seen from a new perspective.

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